WPC-Railing and WPC -Louvers

With their exceptional durability, UV resistance and superior aesthetics, WPC railings find application in hand rails, verticals & horizontals, louvers, screens, facade features, interior & exterior baffles or ceiling rafters.

WPC railings exhibit lightweight, higher material density, better UV resistance, better water proofing capability, better fade and crack resistance and better tolerance to extreme temperature variations than wooden railings, making them a better choice for external applications.

WPC railings are lighter than steel railings and are not susceptible to corrosion due to humidity or seaside salinity. This makes WPC railings more suitable for exterior applications such as railings, louvers, sunscreens and partitions than steel railings.

WPC railings come with the appearance of premium pre-finished wood and superior aesthetics. They exhibit superior product performance and the ability to retain their good looks over years. With sophisticated design, superior quality and ease of installation, WPC railings are ideally suited for use as balcony railings.

WPC railings have high UV resistance and anti-fading characteristics, and therefore do not require any periodic painting.

WPC railings have excellent anti-corrosive properties as compared to steel railings and therefore do not corrode easily.

The cost of WPC railings is approximately 1000 rupees per running foot for 1 m height or standard height railing.

WPC louvers can be used in railings, interior & exterior louvers, decorative features, sunscreens, ducts, fencing and gates.

With high material strength, lightweight, appearance of premium pre-finished wood and the ability to look good over many years, WPC louvers are the perfect replacement for conventional materials like wood and steel for exteriors. 

WPC louvers are the least vulnerable to corrosion due to humidity or seaside salinity compared to other conventional materials. They exhibit superior durability and aesthetics even in high salinity conditions. They are therefore ideally suited for exterior applications such as exterior railings, louvers, sunscreens and partitions by the seaside.

The cost of WPC louvers starts around 300 rupees per square foot in India and goes up according to the complexity of the louver and on the type of WPC profile used.

Considering the fact that WPC louvers are anticorrosive and do not get affected by moisture or salinity near sea side, their durability is upwards of 15 years.