Which is the best timber for a pergola?

Conventionally pergolas are an extension of the building structure or outdoor space and ideally classified as poolside pergolas, garden pergolas or terrace pergolas. Being a non-structural architectural feature that adds aesthetics and functionality to outdoor spaces, pergolas can be built with non-structural materials such as natural wood, mild steel, stone and fibre re-inforced plastics. Ideally, wooden pergolas are built from lightweight or hardwood timbers such as pine, oak, ash and other similar timbers which are getting increasingly expensive. Wood or natural timber requires regular maintenance by sanding, oiling and anti-termite treatment every 6 months to maintain the condition of the wood, which is exorbitantly costly over the life of the material. WPC pergolas on the other hand are free from any sort of maintenance whatsoever and last the test of time in any kind of weather allowing the pergola structure to look as good as new for years.

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