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Why Should You Use WPC Planks for Your Exteriors| Everwood WPC
Exterior WPC plank cladding

Besides enhancing the aesthetics of buildings, exterior cladding protects the structure of buildings by providing a weatherproof, UV-resistant, and fire-retardant covering on the outside. Exterior wall cladding has conventionally been done with materials like stone, glass, cementitious products, and aluminum composite or high-pressure laminate panels. More recently, the most innovative material Wood Plastic Composite or WPC, with a very high tenacity in extreme weather conditions, is taking the industry by storm


WPC, as the name implies, is a combination of recycled wood powder and HDPE thermoplastics. Secondary sources from other processes, which would either be dumped in landfills or burnt, are recycled in the production of WPC planks. WPC is a low environmental impact material with superlative aesthetic appeal and remarkable weathering performance. The unbeatable combination of wood and thermoplastics lends the material its superior strength and extraordinary lifespan. The highly evolved production process of WPC planks is free of emissions or effluent discharge, ensuring no negative impact on the environment unlike the manufacture of cement fiber planks, which leaves a heavy carbon footprint.

Inherent Characteristics:

Everwood WPC plank is a homogeneous material that has excellent UV resistance and therefore resistant to fading and discoloration when used for exterior surface cladding. It requires little or no maintenance throughout its entire lifetime unlike cement fiber planks, which are susceptible to surface peeling and hence require periodic painting. Importantly, cement fiber planks are heavy and extremely brittle, and susceptible to breakage, making them a very high-maintenance material. Everwood WPC planks are lightweight and easy to install.


The aesthetic quotient of Everwood WPC planks, with their premium wood looks and wide range of natural colors, textures, and surface finishes, is unparalleled compared to cement fiber planks, presenting limitless possibilities to match any design intent or purpose.


While cement fiber planks are primarily used only for Exterior Surface Cladding, Everwood WPC planks have a variety of applications including wall & ceiling cladding, partitions, railings, duct louvers, signage, and fencing, to name just a few. For example, the use of Everwood WPC planks to create special design features and accents on