Starbucks Chooses Everwood - Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru

When TATA Starbucks was looking for a material for the exteriors of their outlets, the choice of material required considerations of aesthetic appeal, initial and ongoing costs, life assessment cycle considerations such as material performance, availability, environmental impact, ability to reuse and dispose at the end of its life.

Starbucks requirements : exterior cladding and louver cladding

They were looking for the ideal material that met these considerations for the exterior cladding and louver cladding of outlets. The material needed to meet adaptability parameters to the design concept and ability to be used for different applications. The material also needed to be easily installed, meeting the required structural capability for the application.

Starting with their outlet at the Kempagowda International Airport in Bengaluru, Everwood WPC louver sections and louver panels are being used at multiple TATA Starbucks outlets across India for their exterior building, exterior WPC louvers, and other architectural elevation features.

Why Everwood  WPC wall cladding  shortlisted

Everwood WPC was shortlisted and is being used at Starbucks outlets on its merits of sheer product performance when compared to conventional exterior material. Besides safety standards during the life of the building, Everwood WPC wall cladding panels were selected for their adaptability to support the design and durability. Being used at the outlet’s pan India, the material needed to be moisture resistant, waterproof, have high thermal resistance, be fire retardant, and unlike natural wood, needed to be defiant to deterioration and decay with outdoor exposure.

Besides this, maintenance in exterior conditions was one of the primary drivers for the selection of Everwood WPC cladding panels at TATA Starbucks.