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Why Everwood WPC Cladding: Everything you need to know | Everwood WPC

When it comes to finishes that resemble wooden exterior cladding, no other material performs like WPC on all fronts. It’s not only the initial impression that matters. Everwood WPC  cladding for exteriors is a high-performance element requiring a material that toils as a shield over the building to protect its structure and interiors.

Exterior cladding endure high temperatures, intense UV exposure, rainfall, humidity, and everything else that nature throws at it.

Exterior cladding materials

There are several exterior cladding materials available today, HPL cladding, aluminum or ACP cladding, fiber cement cladding… so on and so forth, each with its attributes of colors, finishes, performance, and persistence to weathering. Exterior cladding is also the primary port of call when any building is to be renovated because of its relatively easy installation.

That said, WPC carries all the required attributes to claim itself to be the most suitable and high-performing material for exterior cladding of buildings. Besides the premium aesthetics and wood finishes WPC cladding delivers, wood composite cladding panels are highly fade resistant compared to HPL cladding and ACP cladding, maintaining their color and dimensional stability for decades. The anti-weathering properties of WPC cladding panels are far superior to other materials conventionally used for exterior cladding giving buildings years of no maintenance.

WPC exterior cladding and weather impact

Besides this, due to their unique material composition, WPC exterior cladding panels are waterproof and will look as good as new for years in heavy rainfall areas. Everwood WPC exterior & interior wall cladding panels are hollow core and create an insulative layer over the building. Unlike HPL cladding where rivets and fixtures are visible, Everwood WPC exterior cladding panels are interlocking with concealed fasteners, giving the building a clean seamless exterior finish for years.

Most WPC exterior cladding panels are made from 80% recycled materials and with the huge amount of cladding required at buildings, WPC cladding is the most environmentally sensitive material available.