How WPC Louvers Contribute to Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Louvers are architectural elements that serve various purposes such as, providing privacy,regulating sunlight & rainwater or enhancing aesthetics. Although louvers can be made froma range of materials including wood, metal, glass, or synthetic materials, WPC louverspossess superior durability and distinct looks and help create beautiful exteriors that last along time. They contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings through thermal insulation,shading and solar heat control, natural ventilation, and daylighting.

Thermal Insulation

WPC louvers possess insulating properties, which help reduce heat transfer between theinterior and exterior of a building. They minimize heat gain in hot climates and heat loss incold climates, thereby maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and reducing the loadon heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Shading and Solar Heat Control Installing

Installing WPC Louvers on windows and exterior walls can help control solar heat gain.Louvers serve as exterior shading solutions as well. By adjusting the angle of louvers theamount of sunlight entering a building can be controlled, regulating the heat inside a buildingnaturally. By merely fixing the angle of WPC louvers, significant reduction in energyconsumption towards cooling/heating the building can be achieved.

Natural Ventilation

WPC louvers can be incorporated in a building’s design stage itself to provide for themovement of fresh air. This minimizes relying on mechanical ventilation systems andsimultaneously improves indoor air quality as well. This in turn leads to energy savings byminimizing the use of air conditioning or mechanical ventilation.


Well-designed WPC louvers allow diffused natural light to permeate into the building,reducing the need for artificial lighting during the daytime. By maximizing daylight exposure,energy consumption associated with lighting can be minimized, creating a more pleasantand productive indoor environment.

Low Maintenance

WPC louvers have excellent weathering capabilities and are not susceptible to corrosion,rusting, or termites and other insects, making them a long-lasting solution for buildingexteriors. They do not require heavy periodic maintenance or frequent replacements. Theselow maintenance characteristics help reduce overall energy and aterial consumption.

Everwood WPC Louvers

Everwood WPC is a material highly in demand for the construction of louvers. The materialis a combination of recycled wood flour and HDPE thermoplastics. As the manufactureof Everwood WPC involves an energy efficient production process devoid of toxicemissions or effluent discharge, the carbon footprint is less. Everwood WPC Louvers provide excellent thermal insulation to buildings and facilitate natural lighting and ventilation,and thus help improve energy conservation.