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Why Everwood WPC Decking: Everything you need to know | Everwood WPC

WPC decking is seeing very strong growth in popularity and the demand for WPC decking is expected to grow exponentially purely based on the merits the material has over natural wood decking. Everwood WPC  decking offers a long list of advantages to end-users and is an undisputed rival to wood decking that makes it well worth the investment.

Beginning with performance, due to the HDPE content in WPC decking planks, the material has much improved durability and weathering capability over its alternatives and particularly wood decking. WPC decking is made and designed to be durable. The material, blend and finish make it resistant to lots of the factors that usually rapidly reduce the life of wood decking. WPC decking resists fading, staining, scratching and mold and is so durable that Everwood WPC offers a 10 years warranty on our range against fading, splitting, rotting, cracking and decay.

It is also worth mentioning that WPC decking does not warp, bend, twist, split and decay like natural wood decking does, as it weathers and ages over time. Unlike natural wood decking, with WPC decking, you never need to worry about regular maintenance worries and headaches of sanding, staining, painting or repeated termite treatment. The occasional high pressure water wash is all that’s required to maintain Everwood WPC decking for decades.

Quality natural wood decking has also become prohibitively expensive to install and added to that the maintenance costs over time make WPC decking a clear winner. More importantly WPC decking looks great for years with virtually no cost of upkeep. WPC decking lasts far longer than natural wood decking and therefore the buyer incurs fewer overall costs for repairs and overhauls.

Everwood WPC decking boards are made from recycled wood and polymers making them environmentally friendly. The prolonged life of Everwood WPC decking also means our customers will never have to replace their decks as often as with wood decking.