Why WPC Railings & Louvers

Did you know why WPC is a better material for exterior railings and louvers than any other material? Conventionally the materials associated with exterior railings and louvers are aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, natural wood, or other similar materials.

Conventional applications on weather endurance

Looking at these applications individually, balcony railings and other exterior railings are continually exposed to harsh and extreme weather conditions. Particularly in heavy rainfall and coastal areas where humidity and salinity conditions are abnormal, metal railings are susceptible to corrosion and deterioration over time. WPC balcony railings and WPC railings on the other hand have none of these disadvantages and look as good as new for years after being installed.

The increasing popularity of WPC railings for balconies

Natural wooden railings are characterized by extreme dimensional change, cracking, and discoloration with sunlight, temperature variation, and humidity, WPC railings are extremely stable in similar conditions and far more beneficial in exterior use with absolutely no degradation. Also, wooden railings need regular painting, sealing, and anti-termite treatment to keep them in good condition. The increasing popularity of WPC railings for balconies, deck areas, and exterior staircases is attributed to characteristics of being highly durable in harsh exterior conditions without the need for any maintenance over time.

Looking at exterior louvers for ducts, service chutes, partitions, and louver panels for other applications, aluminum was the material of choice. However, with exposure to extreme heat, sunlight, and salinity, aluminum louvers are highly vulnerable and result in fading and corrosion over time. Especially for multi-story buildings where one is looking for a material with little or no maintenance over time, WPC exterior louvers are a superior choice as they will remain in their installed condition for years far longer than aluminum without fading or corrosion as a result of exposure to salt content in the air.

WPC is a clear winner over mainstream materials for exterior railings, louvers, and façade features purely because it is a material that is tenacious in its durability and performance in extreme outdoor weather conditions and unlike any other material.