WPC (Wood Composites) – A Sustainable Architectural Solution
Wood Plastic Composites, also popularly known as WPC combine qualities uniquely suited to accommodate use both in commercial and domestic preferences of the construction industry. Everwood WPC is the ideal green and sustainable solution that makes use of recycled raw materials and clean manufacturing methods to deliver a material that is highly aesthetic and vastly superior in performance.
Wood Plastic Composites are made from a combination of wood fibers and recycled high-density polymers (HDPE). The result is a cost-competitive product that offers a lighter environmental footprint, unique aesthetic appearance, and very high durability characteristics.
Today the construction industry needs materials from substitute products for natural resources and India being a very large developing nation needs to look at sustainable materials to feed the insatiable need for wood and other resources. Green and recyclable materials are the need and future of the building material industry and WPC is a perfect solution in all these aspects.
Wood Plastic Composites have inherent properties that lead them to have a long lifespan and save repeated use of materials, maintenance, and operational costs as compared to very many conventionally used products. This has opened the eyes of building professionals to explore WPC as a material for its extraordinary benefits and is changing the face of the wood-based material industry.
The benefits of being durable and sustainable make WPC a preferred choice over natural wood for exterior cladding, paneling, façade cladding, outdoor decking, door frames, and various other construction applications that consume unimaginable amounts of timber. WPC is truly an environmentally friendly solution and possibly the only real sustainable alternative to a lot of regular building materials used today and with a lot more potential than any other. The choices of construction professionals in opting for WPC as an alternative to wood or other materials go a long way in reducing the carbon footprints of the industry. Choices of construction professionals in opting for WPC as an alternate to wood or other materials goes a long way in reducing carbon footprints of the industry.