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WPC – An All Weather Material: WPC: its properties | Everwood WPC

WPC or Wood Plastic Composites is today a very popular construction material particularly for exterior use as a result of certain strong key attributes. Being a composite that constitutes wood and polymer as raw material, the key characteristics are its distinct appearance of pre-finished wood with the durability of composites giving it astonishing weathering capability.

WPC: its properties

Being used for a variety of exterior applications in the same way as natural wood was typically used for exterior wall cladding, floor decking, pergolas, railings and a variety of other architectural detailing, WPC offers the same if not easier workability, but the capability to handle weathering far better than wood. Carrying the properties of HDPE, WPC has a much better ability to handle temperature extremes, maintaining better thermo dimensional stability than wood or other materials. Importantly WPC loses very negligible mechanical properties with exposure to weather and temperature extremes.

The polymer content in WPC also makes the material completely moisture resistant and waterproof, ideal for exterior use in heavy rainfall of humid seaside locations. Wood has the weakness of deteriorating in outdoor conditions when exposed to weather. The results are fading, splitting, warping, cracking, rotting and eventual decay if wood is not treated regularly and cared for in exteriors.

WPC exterior cladding and outdoor decking

WPC being a material of much higher density and strength, has none of these common problems and is a tenacious performing material capable of handling multiple weather cycles without deterioration. WPC exterior cladding and WPC outdoor decking are mainly and fast replacing wooden or other product applications in the construction market purely on the advantage WPC has to handle weathering and retain it’s aesthetics for years with little or near no maintenance.