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WPC Cladding:

WPC cladding systems are the surfacing technology that is currently in trend with an unmatched combination of beauty and endurance far above other wood finish cladding systems available in the market today. Inherent advantages of WPC composite wall cladding offer a myriad of solutions for walls & ceilings of both exteriors and interiors in all types of buildings.

WPC – The Material:

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a blended combination of wood powder and high-density thermoplastics, rendering it a highly durable and weather-resistant material. While the wood powder contributes to its natural wood-like appearance, thermoplastics contribute to the extraordinary endurance and lifespan of the composite. WPC withstands extreme weather conditions and remains as good as new, making WPC exterior cladding the ultimate choice for exteriors.

Exterior Cladding Panels

Performance Characteristics: A product of very high-grade raw materials and highly advanced production technology, Everwood WPC cladding panels possess excellent performance characteristics. Being a homogeneous extrusion material, WPC is UV resistant and therefore retains its color for exceptionally long periods, unlike high-pressure laminates and other materials. Its UV resistance and anti-fading, weather-proof, termite-proof, impact-resistant, and anti-corrosive characteristics make WPC exterior cladding the ideal choice, to achieve the best of both worlds, the aesthetics of pre-finished natural wood and the weathering tenacity and longevity of composites.


Inherent features of Everwood cladding panels obviate the need for painting, polishing, or periodic use of anti-corrosive or anti-termite agents by way of maintenance, making Everwood WPC panels a superior material for facades, wall & ceiling cladding, suspended false ceilings, and interior wall cladding for all types of buildings. Everwood WPC panels require very little or no maintenance, making WPC exterior cladding highly cost-effective over the material lifetime.

WPC wall cladding & ceiling cladding panels

Ease of installation: Everwood WPC wall & ceiling cladding panels are installed over an aluminum framework with concealed fixtures, resulting in a seamless finished surface. Everwood panels are interlocked and connected by tongue and groove joints. Unlike with other cladding materials, there are no rivets exposed fixtures, or sealants that mar the aesthetic appeal and premium look of the surface.

Wall & ceiling cladding

Thermal insulation: Hollow core WPC wall and ceiling cladding panels are fitted to an aluminum framework, which is first fixed onto the main structure of the building; this fixing system creates a waterproof and insulative layer between the building and the exterior environment, vastly improving the thermal insulation and protection of the building.

Everwood WPC wall & ceiling cladding solutions thus offer an aesthetically premium and weather-resistant shroud around all types of buildings and go a long way in improving their lifespan, yet retaining a beautiful appearance all along.

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