WPC Louvered Panels - Siding
WPC Louvered Panels – The In Thing for Interiors & Exteriors
Fluted  or WPC Louvered Panels: 

Louvered and fluted surface finishing is the latest trend in exterior and interior surface finishing. WPC louvered panels, with their premium wood finishes and natural wood colors and textures, are the materials most suited for this. Fluted, rafter or louvered panels enhance the appearance of plain-looking and uninteresting exterior and interior surfaces and elevate the aesthetics of buildings. 


WPC louvered or rafter panels have exceptional durability and high strength, making them the ideal choice for wall cladding and ceiling cladding for exteriors & interiors. Being fade and weather-resistant in extreme conditions, Everwood WPC louvered panels are the perfect replacement for wood and metals for exterior wall cladding, offering higher flexibility for various design requirements.

Everwood WPC louvered panels have tenacious weathering characteristics and are  UV resistant. Irrespective of whether they are used for interiors or exterior cladding, or on walls or ceilings, WPC louvered panels demand no maintenance by painting, sealing, coating, or termite treatment through their lifetime. These characteristics, combined with their versatility and premium aesthetics, make WPC louvered or rafter panels the ideal alternative to high-maintenance wood, steel, or aluminum for a huge range of applications.


With their wide range of dual-tone wood colors, textures, and finishes, Everwood WPC louvered panels offer an extensive and unimaginable range of design possibilities for the creative architect.

The use of WPC louvered panels on walls to create accents and distinct design features lends unmatched style and elegance to the structure and elevates aesthetics multifold. They are widely used on wall surfaces of common areas in commercial spaces like reception areas, restaurants, and malls, adding the ideal touch of beauty and grandeur. The inherent properties of WPC louvered panels help in spotless maintenance in such heavily used areas. 

Similarly, WPC louvered panels add a touch of class when used on facades, false ceilings, and interior wall surfaces of residences. The versatility and flexibility of WPC louvered panels provide homeowners the freedom to express their creativity in developing their own unique space when transforming a house into a designer home.

The use of WPC louvered panels for exterior wall cladding contributes both to the aesthetics and protection of the exterior of the building from weathering. The UV resistance and anti-fading characteristics of WPC louvered panels play a big role in preserving the looks of a building and keeping the exterior looking as good as new, for years. 

Flexibility in applications, design, and style, makes WPC louvered panels an architect’s delight, setting a new trend in exterior and interior surface cladding, which is likely to remain in vogue for the next 5 years. The highly versatile panels with unparalleled looks in a range of premium wood finished colors are the latest, the thing that’s here to stay!