Everwood WPC

Everwood WPC (wood-plastic composite), a product of high-grade raw materials and highly evolved production technology, comes with exceptional performance characteristics. Its excellent aesthetics and versatility make it an excellent material for diverse architectural applications.

Because of its exceptionally good looks, durability, and ability to withstand all weather conditions, Everwood WPC requires very little periodic maintenance unlike natural wood and other conventional materials. It is therefore highly suitable for any type of interior or exterior application.

Design Dimensions

Being an extruded material, Everwood WPC can take different forms, shapes, colors, and surface finishes. Its excellent natural wood looks, weather resistance, and high strength make it the perfect choice for the creative designer and architect. Inherent characteristics elevate its performance to levels unparalleled by conventional materials. Profile sizes, colors, and finishes can be customized to meet individual design and project requirements. Size customization of profiles results in minimizing wastage of material and therefore optimizing costs as well.

Architectural and Design Solutions

An unmatched product range of Everwood WPC profiles is available to meet different design and functionality requirements. It is a versatile material that can support boundless architectural solutions for different Exterior and Interior Applications. Everwood WPC profiles are the best alternative to high-maintenance wood, steel, or aluminum in any application that requires slim & aesthetic sections. 

Everwood WPC is well known for traditional all-weather Exterior Cladding. Apart from this, it finds application in innumerable avenues: 

  • Exterior facades, Soffit surfaces, ducting, casing, Partition and signage, Prefab buildings, shelters
  • Decking of high-traffic commercial & residential areas, poolsides, pathways, courtyards, extension decks, parks, play areas & terraces
  • Interior wall and ceiling cladding, false or suspended ceilings, 
  • Ventilated facades, 
  • Pergolas and gazebos, cantilever extensions, sunscreens, elevation features
  • Louvers, weather screens, baffle structures, 
  • Railings, Balcony Railing, Sitout Railing, Suspended Louvers
  • Horizontal and vertical fins, Gates and fencing