Why WPC Pergolas & Fins

Unlike natural wood, which is characterized by extreme dimensional change, cracking and discoloration with sunlight, temperature variation and humidity, WPC is an extremely stable material in similar conditions and far superior in exterior use. The increasing popularity of WPC as a material in place of wooden pergolas, garden pergolas and gazebos is purely on the merits of WPC that has far better material attributes as compared to wood.
WPC pergolas carry a distinct yet premium appearance and are very durable without any maintenance and a clear winner over wood, steel and other materials used in garden or terrace pergolas.
Everwood WPC pergolas create a unique design identity in landscaped areas, poolside, gardens, terraces or just about anywhere. With the appearance of prefinished premium wood, WPC pergolas are the best replacement material for wooden pergolas, metal pergolas and stone pergolas, which require regular maintenance and upkeep over time. Compared to solid wood for garden pergolas and other architectural identities to enhance outdoor spaces, Everwood hollow WPC profiles are very high density and yet lightweight. Unlike wood which splits, cracks, fades and is vulnerable to termite attack at ground level, Everwood WPC pergolas have none of these problems and the installation will look good for years. Steel, another typical material used, is very heavy on buildings, difficult to handle and install when compared to WPC.

WPC Pergolas & Fins

Traditionally garden pergolas, terrace pergolas, cabanas & elevation fin features use wider sections sizes. Large dimension columns, posts, beams and fins are a requirement to make such design identities lookunique. The cost of quality timber that will last 4-5 years, steel or aluminium in such outdoor uses is prohibitive when compared to WPC hollow sections.

FAQ on WPC Pergolas