WPC pergolas – The Most Stylish Architectural Outdoor Feature
WPC Pergolas

WPC Pergolas are structures made of wood composite posts, beams, and fins to create an outdoor living space. WPC pergolas are gaining popularity because they are easy to build and can be used in a variety of settings. WPC, a material with premium wood aesthetics, is highly durable in exteriors without any maintenance, and the perfect and most-suited material for pergolas and gazebos.

The material

Pergolas can be built with a range of materials from mild steel, stone, fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), wood, and WPC. While considering the material of choice it is important to evaluate it on the basis of initial cost, strength, design of the structure, aesthetics of the material, and importantly the maintenance hassles. Based on these criteria, WPC pergola profiles are making a huge headway as an extremely cost-effective and no-maintenance alternative to other conventional materials.

WPC pergola profiles are characterized by outstanding durability, extreme weather resistance, high strength, and lightweight. They have pre-finished natural wood looks and are highly aesthetically pleasing. They have a much lower thermal expansion compared to natural wood.

Cost factor

The initial construction cost of a quality wood pergola is very high and so is its regular maintenance of sanding, oiling, and anti-termite treatment every 6 months to maintain the condition of the wood, making wood pergolas prohibitively expensive.

The initial cost of steel pergolas is less than that of WPC pergolas. However, they need to be painted every 3 years to keep them rust-free, and probably more frequently in coastal and heavy rainfall locations where they deteriorate. So while they may cost less initially, the hassle of maintenance and the cost attached is much higher in steel pergolas.

WPC pergolas, on the other hand, are free from any sort of maintenance and stand the test of time in any kind of weather, allowing the pergola structure to look as good as new for years. Although the initial cost is slightly higher than that of steel pergolas, the lower end-to-end cost, from construction through the entire lifetime, makes WPC pergolas clearly the winner.

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WPC pergolas can be installed in the garden, by pool sides, on terraces, and in just about any outdoor space. WPC pergolas are perfect for use as a screened-in porch, sunroom, small garden sit-outs, or greenhouses. They are used as an extension of a patio and add both utility and aesthetic value to your property.

The addition of a pergola can transform your property from a dull run of mill place to a unique, interesting, and magical place. Décor possibilities are endless with WPC pergolas. You can hang anything from chandeliers and fans to tinted glass pots and potted plants. With the right kind of lighting and fittings, WPC pergolas add an element of class and style.

WPC Terrace Pergolas are an entertainer’s delight, allowing everything from a tea party to a cozy card game and drinks party to be hosted.

WPC Garden Pergolas with green creepers all over them with the sunlight peeping very minimally through them provide the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of your home!