WPC pergola design

Exterior wall cladding is a feature that helps protect the integrity of exterior wall surfaces, enhances aesthetics, and provides a degree of thermal insulation to structures. Several conventional cladding materials such as natural wood, high-pressure laminates, metals, and cement boards are used for this purpose, but WPC wall cladding panels are far superior to these as they are weather-resistant and retain the natural appeal of prefinished wood right through their lifetime.

WPC Cladding Panels

The unique raw material combination of hardwood powder & recycled thermoplastics contributes to both the aesthetic looks and high strength of WPC cladding panels. High weathering capability and UV resistance, low thermal expansion, better insulation properties, corrosion & impact resistance, and good fire retardancy are some of the inherent characteristics of WPC panels that make them highly suitable for external cladding applications on walls, louvers, roofs, and more. 

Everwood WPC Panels

Everwood, the leading WPC manufacturer, provides premium quality WPC panels that are best suited for façade cladding, exterior wall cladding, roofing, and prefab buildings. Everwood WPC panels are insulating and interlocking panels that are easy to install and use, requiring very low maintenance. Everwood offers panels in different widths and thicknesses to suit different applications including exterior facades, ceilings, false ceilings, partitions, prefab buildings, gazebo tops, signage, interior walls & ceilings, accent & feature walls, exterior ceilings, and shaded exterior walls. 

Everwood WPC panels are environment-friendly in that they are made from materials that would otherwise be burnt or dumped, thus minimizing the demand for virgin material. These panels can also be recycled at the end of their lifetime, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Compared to conventional cladding materials, the initial investment on Everwood WPC panels may be slightly higher but unlike wood, which requires periodic sealing and treatment to protect against fading, cracking, termites, and finally rot, Everwood cladding panels do not require any maintenance or surface coating cost to retain their superior looks for years. With a lifetime of over 15 years, the overall cost factor for Everwood WPC panels is on par with or lower than that of conventional external cladding materials.

Everwood WPC Panels at Starbucks Outlets

Tata Starbucks, the joint venture with Starbucks Coffee Company, has chosen Everwood WPC panels for its external cladding and exterior louvers requirements in different outlets across the country based on the excellent inherent characteristics of these panels and the initial and ongoing cost considerations. Everwood panels score on product performance, weathering capability, availability, environmental impact, adaptability to support the design and durability. The panels satisfy all safety standards during the lifetime of the building. Everwood WPC louver sections and louver panels now adorn multiple TATA Starbucks outlets across India in the form of exterior WPC cladding, exterior WPC louvers, and other architectural elevation features.