Wood-plastic composite

Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) – The Exciting New Building Material:

Wood Plastic Composites or Wood Polymer Composites, otherwise generically known as WPC is fast becoming popular today for multiple uses. With inherent material advantages it brings to the table and recent innovations combined with rapid technological improvements in production technology, WPC is a new material on the scene making heads turn.
Though Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) is being developed for use in various industries, it is a material that is here to change the future of the construction industry forever. As the name suggests, WPC is a material created from aunique blend of natural wood fibers or pulp and combined with re-cycled plastics to form a composite material that has characteristics to make it atrue winner over conventional building materials. Even better is that WPC can be re-cycled all over again to create brand new WPC material, making it theultimate recyclable building material ever known. What makes WPC most exciting, is that it’s created from a blended paste of the composite and can be molded or extruded in almost any shape. Another innate characteristic of WPC, is the flexibility of colours that it can be made available in to suit any requirement.
From a functional standpoint, WPC is water proof, weather resistant, UV resistant, corrosion & rot proof, meaning it will last both aesthetically and integrally far longer than natural wood. WPC also has much better or lower factor of thermo dimensional change making it the ideal material to replace wood in outdoor decking, exterior cladding, garden pergolas, railings and a host of other exterior and interior architectural uses.
A true winner over most building materials, WPC is here to stay and replace many other products that have been conventionally used forvarious applications.